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Socialpuzzle September update

Two new apps

“Wake me up when September ends.” – is something that Green Day would say. But you and me, we know better, there’s no sleep for the busy bees.

The thinking process never ends, you can never really be finished with a project like this and you always have to strive to present your users with something new and better.

As you surely already know, Socialpuzzle had nine generic customizable apps for Facebook pages, but this September we present you with two new ones – Instatab and Tweettab.



Let me hit you with a couple of numbers – Instagram has over 200 million monthly active members meaning that over 13% of the internet users use this social network. Image that, every 9th person on the internet has and uses his Instagram account to upload delicious photos of their food, pets, landscapes or whatnot.

Today brands try to drive in as much traffic as they can, experimenting with creative and fun things and setting new trends. With a goal of connecting different social network in a same place we decided that an Instagram tab ( or Instatab ) for Facebook pages is a must have in our application pool.

Imagine Instatab as some sort of Photo Contest, the look and feel of the application is really similar, but the mechanics behind it are different. You can choose to set up your Instagram application to display pictures either by a hashtag or username, bringing us to the main two uses for this app.


Setting up Instatab to follow a hashtag

It’s a great way to organize awesome photo contests, and the best approach to describe it is with an example.

Let’s say you run a shoe store and you want to promote your business not only on Facebook but on other platforms as well. The best way to do that and not spend a ton of money is with this app.
Define a recognizable hashtag but try to be as creative as you can since this will be the center of your campaign. Then you set up an Instatab application to follow your hastag and start your Facebook campaign. Your fans can now start uploading photos on their Instagram showing your shoes, but don’t forget to emphasize that they need to enter your hashtag in the photo’s caption. Allow your Facebook fans to vote on their favourite and reward the picture with the most likes.

Voilà, you’ve promoted your brand on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously and expanded your reach at just a fraction of the usual cost.


Setting up Instatab to follow a desired username

Easily showcase your brand’s Instagram account, thus connecting the two networks and growing the number of your Instagram followers as well as Facebook likers.

Intertwining social media platforms is what 21st century is really about. :)



You might have guessed from the name of this paragraph but the second app is a Twitter tab for your Facebook page ( or simply Tweettab ). As we’ve mentioned earlier combining social media platforms is the best way to reach more people than just your Twitter followers or Facebook likers.

With Tweettab you can choose to display tweets simply by typing a desired username or hashtag.

Now you can easily connect to your Twitter account and share it on your Facebook page. Showcase your tweets and boost their reach beyond your Twitter timeline.
Another great thing Tweettab can help you do is raise awareness on a cause or a desired subject. Just like with Instatab, define a desired hashtag and display tweets in which the hashtag was used. Promote your events and gather valuable user input by showing everything in a single place.


Usability updates


Campaign statistics

We’ve added a couple of graphs that we’ve setup using Google Anaytics to help you keep track of the people that visit your tab and participate in your contest.

Now you can see which browsers your fans use and where do they come from. Additionally we’ve added a graph in which you can see the number of new users and returning users on your Facebook tab, and are planning on adding even more to our statistics, so be sure to stay tuned!

Never lose track of your audience and your users and accordingly tweak your campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Reset campaign

Don’t be afraid by the sound of this, we’ve added this feature because a lot of our users wanted to run campaigns and contest on a timely basis.

  • Run contest in as many rounds as you want
  • Export current campaign results in the statics section of your app in our admin panel
  • Click on “Reset campaign” and select the parts you want to reset. In example, with Photo Contest you can choose to reset votes, photos, contact form entries.

It’s really simple and easy to use, and it helps you keeping your fans interested and pilling a great amount of user generated content. You can choose to give smaller rewards on a weekly basis and a great one for the best entry at the end of the month.

And we’ve just started with the updates and are planning something that is going to be really exciting, so keep following us and don’t miss it!

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