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Social media predictions for 2015

Feeling a bit lost in all of those trends, changes and predictions for Facebook in 2015? A lot has changed since the beginning of Facebook advertising for businesses. Your communication is surely different now, and you will have to adapt to new changes and trends that will happen in this year, or better say, that are already happening. In the past, there were only few channels that you had to implement into your marketing plan. Nowadays, marketing managers have to juggle with various offline and online tools which target potential customers in the market that is more competitive than ever before.

Here are 5 trends that will dominate in 2015:

TREND number 1: VIDEO

Have you noticed more videos in your Facebook news feed? Because of the Autoplay feature, videos are more eye-catching than regular posts, and Facebook videos seem to get more organic reach than regular posts. But why don’t you go a step further? For example, your fans also love to make videos, and it is a lot easier than writing a review/essay. Give them an opportunity to upload their videos on a certain theme, and later use those videos for your promotion. Show your fans that you appreciate their efforts.

Or make a tutorial → YouTube is full of videos showing how to cook, bake, play a guitar, repair your car… Tutorials are the foundation of audio-visual content strategy for added value. Information will give you power, brand awareness, and connect you to your customer. And best of all, these kinds of campaigns are free or low budget, so include your employees – they are the experts in the area anyway.

After you strengthen your YT channel, connect it to your FB page, so your fans will also know that you actively work on your channel. Be careful about the length of your video – it should be from 2 to max 5 minutes long.

There is no secret recipe on how to make your video viral, but here are some tips & tricks:

  • Be careful about the time of posting – researches show that the interaction is 18% higher if you post it on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • For Twitter, interaction is the highest on weekends (17% higher than in workweek).
  • Be different – is your video funny, controversial…? Which trigger connects it to your brand?
  • Publicity is very important – stimulate your users to share through hashtags or the Instatab. Give them some reward or extra value for that action.
  • Is your video relevant? Does it educate people and does it have a good story?
  • Let influencers know that you have a video worth sharing.
  • Think about the title – they say that you should invest 80% of time in creating video title, and 20% in creating video content.

TREND number 2: Social media conversion

Do you use Facebook for sales? Why do you use Facebook? Because everyone else uses it?
Facebook cannot be strictly sales oriented, but it can be a part of your sales funnel. How? Attract potential customers to your page, entertain them, and later sell to them through other channels. The success rate will be even higher if you first segment your users through a fun application, like Voter or Quiz.
See how our client Banja Vručica successfully managed to drive social media conversion with quiz app. Also there is a video from our free webinar “Generating quality leads with low budget campaigns” where you can see tips and tricks about social media conversion.

TREND number 3: Paid ads are inevitable

Organic reach was 12% in 2013, 6% in 2014, and it is expected to be around zero in the close future – all marketers will have to invest some budget in social media. Paid content also leads to higher conversion rates. You still have time to include paid media into your online marketing plan – one part of your budget should be for ads and the other for contests (app + rewards).
Here are some tips & tricks:

  • Our experience has shown that contests reduced the cost of ads, because people are more attracted to posts if you mention some awards.
  • Use custom audience lists to maximise your performance, target people who really are interested in your content.
  • Focus on content that matters to your fans, and not to you.

TREND number 4: Multi channel campaigns

Target audience is everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Every channel has unique characteristics and reach. The best practice is to define one goal of the campaign (such as increasing interaction, collecting leads…) and then be “everywhere”. We are sure that you are investing some of your budget into offline, like radio, print, or even TV, so why don’t you connect it with online? For example, ask your fans on FB to create a short poem or a jingle for your brand. Then add music and make a radio ad out of it.

TREND number 5: Visuals

In the last couple of years we have seen platforms like Pinterest and Instagram rise in popularity. There are also lots of tools that can help you create great visuals – they are fun and also cheap or even free. You don’t have to be a large company with large budgets to have high quality visuals on your page. For example, if you have a hotel, add a photo of it and another one with 5 differences, and let your fans guess the differences.


Quality visuals will make stronger bonds with your customers. Text posts are not very interesting or eye-catching.

One more thing – be careful that your photos are not downloaded from Google, but from sites where you can buy them. You surely don’t want to have illegal photos on your page. And add a branded line below the photos, to make them personalized.

If you need any help with implementing these trends into your page, let us know. Or register to our site for free and start implementing new trends right away!

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