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Photo Contest – Facebook application ideas

Hi there, set aside a couple minutes of your time and inspire yourself to create super contests by using Photo Contest with this bucket filled with ideas ( the bucket being this blog post ).

The magic of Photo Contest

Did you know that people share their pictures on Facebook at a rate of 3 000 pics per second and that „Selfie“ was voted word of the year in 2013? We knew, and so we decided to create Photo Contest, a cool application in which your fans can share their pictures with you, its one of our most favourite and most popular apps.

You’ll love it, we already love it and we love working on it and making it even better! This app is a perfect way to connect with your fans. We’ve seen some great campaigns and really recommend this app whatever your business is. The mechanism behind Photo Contest is really intuitive and simple, people upload their photos and invite their friends to vote for them. With Photo Contest your page grows, you boost engagement, increase traffic and get access to that juicy data from your fans. That’s why we’re writing this post, to inspire you to with these ideas to create playful and fun contest while rewarding your most creative fans. vacation

Photo Contest – ideas

You can use Photo Contest in any way you like, its only up to you to decide the strategy of your brand. These are some general ideas based on the type of the business you run.

Tourist destinations

Lets say you run a Facebook page for a hotel, a bungalow or a camping destination, your fans love to brag how much they’ve enjoyed vacationing at your place. Its basic human behaviour and you should take advantage of that. Drive those photos from their private album to your Facebook page. Let your fans vote and choose the photo they love the most so you could reward it with a discount or even a free weekend at your paradise place. If you run a tourist agency create a Photo Contest and ask your fans to creatively express themselves and share pictures of their great travels, use those pictures to create awesome user generated content and bring your brand even closer to your fan base. judge

Kitchen friendly brand

If you have a brand of mineral water, home appliances, or you run a bakery or a sweets store, you have a nice, little restaurant or a huge fast food chain, you can’t miss with Photo Contest. Give your fans a task to create awesome and tasty recipes, photograph their creations and send you their pictures. It can be a pic of a beautifully decorated plate, a pic of a steamy soup or a creamy ice cream. Ask them to bake a colorful cake or cook some fine pasta, you can’t fail with these kind of contests as long as you offer an appropriate reward. Give them a discount in your restaurant or your products or simply send them a care package of your goodies, they’ll go an extra mile if your reward is inviting.

Animal lovers

Ask your fans to take pictures of their pets in unusual situations for your ZOO or a pet shop, ask them to take a selfie of their dog or a cat, ask them to dress them up and create funny pictures that you can later use to create wonderful post for your page. And the best part – your fans helped you run your page while you connected with them on a higher level. We’ve seen some really successful campaigns that included animals, people share their pets photos out of love and not because they want a reward. They can’t wait to show off their cute little bundle of joys. dog

Celebrate upcoming holidays

Holidays are the perfect time to start a new campaign. Choose the holiday of your choice – Christmas, Easter or mothers day and create a themed contest. Ask your fans to send theirs decorated Christmas three, coloured eggs or a bouquet for their mother. Celebrate 4th of July with your fans with pictures of colorful fireworks, let your fans say „Happy birthday!“ to your brand in a creative way and, of course, reward the best pictures.

You can use Photo Contest in any way you like, you don’t have any limitations, play with our features and create any kind of contest you can think of, remember just to have fun in the process.

Now that you’ve built up some creativity and are bursting with ideas register to Socialpuzzle and try Photo Contest for free, we promise you won’t regret it.

Happy campaigning!

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