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Photo Contest – build a happy community


The huge popularity of photo social services show that users love sharing photo moments. This is one of the most favorite app because it fits all target groups and seasons of the year.

How to setup a perfect Photo Contest

Be sure to match the design of the template with the Photo Contest. Keep your template colors low key so the fans photos could shine. In the headline of the contest, include only your brand’s name and the main prize(s) users could win. In the description text include all the rules.

Define that only users have to photo the pictures themselves so they can be submitted. That way you prevent unauthorized photo sharing and image copyright infringement. Be sure to include the rules in which users can be disqualified to prevent potential misunderstandings with fans.

Collect users data with newsletter subscription!

Photo Contest ideas

Think about the reasons behind the Photo Contest and adapt your strategy – getting new fans, growing your database, increasing engagement or building a lasting relationship with your Facebook community.

Asking users to upload original photos will increase engagement, number of fans and liven up your Page but it is also very convenient because you can use those photos as content later. That will give fans the chance to be part of the brand and you will strengthen your relationship with your community.


Reward mechanisms and Photo Contest dynamics

Define the number of prizes and the reward mechanism – how many participants will be rewarded and how will you choose the winners. Fan-Gate the contest so only those who like your Page can enter the contest. That way you are motivating non-fans to like your brand on Facebook.

When users enter the Photo Contest they give you access to their profile so you could access their data. This works parallel with newsletter subscription which tells you which users want to get information on your service and can be used in future campaigns.

What to include in every Photo Contest

  • The name of the organizer
  • Exact duration of the contest
  • What are the rewards
  • When will you announce the winners
  • The way prizes will be delivered
  • Newsletter subscription details

Photo Contest has proven it can catapult the success of a Page. With it’s new appearance and user-oriented characteristics, it will help you start a photo driven exchange about something your fans care about more seemingly than ever before.

Try it for FREE and tell us what you think!

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