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Learn how to get from a lead to a customer with Formbuilder

katarina_highlight I think it’s very obvious nowadays that Facebook is not only a branding tool and channel, but is can also have a very exact sales results. That especially counts for generating quality leads. Following example is going to show how one of our clients, Special hospital Sveta Katarina (Saint Catherine) reached and overpassed their sales goals using a Facebook campaigns and a Socialpuzzles Form Builder. Case study Before mentioned client, Special hospital Sveta Katarina is a clinic based in Zagreb, they deal with orthopedics and are one of the best hospitals in the world for sports injuries. Some of their patients are Croatian national football team players, Ivica Kostelić a Croatian World Cup alpine ski racer and the winner of multiple Olympic medals, Medveščak hockey players and other athletes. They have approached us to help them in arranging first appointments in the best possible way. Our choice was to utilize Facebook. First thing was to set up a Socialpuzzle Form Builder. It was necessary to gather valuable user ( potential patient ) information in order to convert them to patients. The information was redirected to Hospital’s call center, who later contacted the potential patient and approached them on a more personal level. We have decided to ask for following:

  • Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Inquiry

We have also set up that potential clients can send their previous medical documentation in order to make setting up an appointment with proper specialist in the hospital. When a user posts all necessary information, an email goes directly to Hospital’s call center where specialized staff can email or call the user. In order to reach the right target audience, we have used Facebook advertising. Target audience was narrowed down through interests regarding sports to have the best quality leads. Besides that, we have used Facebook Retargeting to reach users who have visited Hospital’s website. All target audiences have been reached through regular ads and Dark Posts in order to not interrupt with regular communication via Facebook page.

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In a little bit more than two months time, the application had almost 1.500 visitors and has got 68 requests for appointments, which is around one request per day. Besides that, it got 34 Newsletter subscriptions and all of them are quality leads interested in what Hospital has to offer in future. Average monthly ROI on campaigns was 50%, which means that on 1€ investment Hospital gets back 1,50€ only on appointments, where the possible future value of patients through therapies, surgeries and additional appointments hasn’t been calculated in.


Using all options Socialpuzzle Form Builder has to offer you can create an efficient system that can be cost-efficient, fast and with combination of proper and fast reaction from your call center gives your users a feeling of security and trust. Sv.Katarina_tab

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