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When our friends from Julius Meinl told us about their Poetry project, first thing we could think of was using Giveaway. The whole idea of the campaign was to open a cafe in Croatian capital Zagreb and name it Poetry Cafe. It would be different from all other cafes because it would have lyrics and verses handwritten on its walls. Since Julius Meinl has very active fan base on their Facebook page, our idea was to give them a chance to find their lyrics written on the wall of Poetry Cafe.

First stop was to find a motivator for users to be part of the Giveaway, and in this case it was simple prize – your own lyrics on Poetry Cafe wall, plus a gift package from Julius Meinl. In the beginning the idea was to award 10 users with the most creative lyrics. Decision was made to make the campaign last for only 12 days, but in this case it was more than enough. After the initial setup of Giveaway application we have also created a campaign on Facebook which consisted of:

  • Marketplace Ads
  • Dark Posts
  • Promoted posts

promotedpost All ads were targeted on both men and women older than 18 with interests in coffee, Julius Meinl brand and poetry. One of the main reasons for good response was precise targeting that allowed us to reach people interested in this kind of promotion. Campaign for Marketplace ads has reached 90.457 users and with ad frequency of 2,05 had more than 2000 actions. Dark Posts reached 77.400  users and with ad frequency of 1,67 had 471 engagements. Finally, Promoted Posts have reached more than 40.000 users and with ad frequency of 1,25 had 595 engagements. marketplacead Finally, we were very proud with the results from the Giveaway itself. It attracted 969 visitors who left us more than 700 lyrics in only 12 days. Visitors and applications quality was great and it was really a hard choice for the jury to pick only 10 best lyrics. In the end it was so hard that the client actually awarded 12 users whose lyrics can be seen on walls of Poetry Cafe in Zagreb.

You can try Giveaway for free and create your own awesome campaigns.

If you need any more inspiration visit our blog post with Giveaway ideas. Preview 4

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