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Interact with your fans in a fun way with the Runner Game

Violeta is a regional leader in the production of hygienic products with its own production facilities in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their mission is to improve hygienic standards in the community and to expand the assortment of affordable products for end users.

Violeta had a goal to increase the interaction with their fans on Facebook. They wanted to connect with the fans in a fun way so they were looking for an entertaining and interactive application. After the release of our new Runner Game application they recognized that it perfectly suits their needs. The application is very easy to personalize so they made their own branded game with a teddy bear that avoids snowballs. By customizing the game, the fans spent all of their time in a branded environment. Game was a big hit, especially for mothers with young children, but everyone played it. The Application managed to increase the interaction with existing fans.

The application was named “Double Care” and it was running through the entire december. A good combination of the game, branding and careful selection of advertising channels dedicated to maternal lifestyle (like, led to amazing results. More than 8500 users visited the application and more than 2000 users played the game. More than 85 000 games were played in only one month and the average number of games played per user was 38. The users spent an average of 1 minute and 30 seconds in the game.


Violeta managed to attract and entertain their target audience with activities on the page. In addition to that, they gathered a base of users that are interested to receive announcements of upcoming products and brand activities. Violeta decided to reward customer loyalty by awarding the best players with a yearly supply of diapers, 10 packages of DC diapers and 20 gift packages. Fans were delighted with the awards, and that increased their connection to Violeta.

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Show your fans that you care about them by interacting with them, like Violeta did through our game. Runner Game prowed to be an excellent relationship builder not just for Violeta, but also for other companies. If you work in a similar industry get ahead of your competition and engage your fans in the best way with this game.

Build a better relationship with your fans in a fun way and try our Runner Game app. If you want to know about the game, special offers and ideas for your page, let us know: 

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