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How to have a successful Facebook campaigns for retail industry

Facebook campaigns in retail industry

Retail industry has already recognised advantages of using digital marketing, investing more resources in campaigns and defining digital strategy. This brings up one important question: How to use that channel to reach sales goals and calculate ROI?

It doesn’t matter if you use digital marketing to lower your spendings, collect user data, control stock or innovate. While defining a digital strategy for a retail industry, your ‘to-do’ list must include this components:

  • Mobile Marketing – one of the key elements of online advertising
  • Social Networks – they have a proven influence on a customer decision making
  • Email Marketing – it’s a great way to segment your customers and inform them about your activities
  • Content Marketing – it helps you create added value for customers
  • Blog – offers you incredible possibilities to inspire your users and create experience
  • Online Advertising – all of the above won’t be as relevant without online advertising which makes reaching huge amounts of users and targeting most interesting ones possible

What if you’re a small retail store? Adapting digital strategy to a small retail business can be a challenge, but it’s possible! We’ve already shared some great stories from our clients. One of them is ZOO City, a chain of shops that specializes in selling everything your pet could need. They had reached a respectable number of Facebook fans using e href attribute specifies the link’s destination:

Photo Contest apps that had created direct emotional connection with their customers.

Every industry has it specifics so we’ve prepared a list of five most important digital advices for you to follow if you want to create successful Facebook campaigns for retail:

1. Never forget about your real target

It’s great to have lots of fans, but if you’re a local store in the suburbs, what’s in it for you? Focus on those in your neighbourhood or those with an interest in the unique products you offer.

2. Think about how to attract your buyers to your Facebook page

What do you want to know about the products you buy? Special offers, discounts and promotions are some of the most popular information you can provide your customers with. Use your Facebook page to inform them about it, and don’t forget to tell them at what time and period the special offers are valid.

3. Make being a fan of your Facebook page beneficiary

Organize contests, offer special coupons, let your fans vote for items they want to see on a discount. Attract them to your page, and by doing that, you’ll attract them to your store.

4. Collect user data

Page apps are getting more and more accessible and easier to use. Organize the popular Photo Contest or a Quiz to attract fans and collect email addresses for newsletter marketing or custom audience campaigns.
Catch their attention via newsletter while they’re on their way home from work and plan what to cook for a dinner. Inform them about what you’re preparing over the weekend. Make them want to visit your store.

5. Track results

If you’re investing resources on more advertising channels, track their influence on your results. Isolating specific media campaigns can tell you a lot. One week try isolating only radio ads, other only Facebook, third week only newsletter campaigns. Track results and compare which medium brought you what type of sales and attention.

Remember, every page started from zero fans. So don’t worry about starting small. Good investment can help you get very far!

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