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How to set up fast a fun contest that will achieve interaction with your Facebook fans

World’s leading company and one of the largest catalog sellers when it comes to female beauty is Avon. Their vision is to become a company that understands the personal and beauty needs of every woman, with their products and services.

They launched a campaign for a new product “Indulgence lipstick”. Promotion of the lipstick was everywhere, from offline to online so that everybody could hear and know about their new product. One of the main promotion channels was on Facebook. Avon has a very large fan base on Facebook, so they wanted to have a promotion that fans will remember. The idea was to put a question form with the question “Describe how Indulgence lipstick is an irreplaceable part of your clothing style?” and to reward most creative ones, so they used our giveaway app.


The campaign was active for only one week and they had more than 400 applications, which in the end, left them a lot of work to choose the best entries because they only had 40 rewards and lot of creative answers. Some of the answers:

“When I’m wearing Avon’s lipstick I feel like a princess.”
“I would choose the purple lipstick and I would dress completely in black so my lips can be highlighted.”
“A little lipstick on the lips and even in tracksuit I feel like a movie star. With hydration and excellent colors one of those lipsticks can raise every my combination.”

Avon had only two sponsored posts and more than 900 likes and more than 70 post comments for each. Each comment was positive, which increased the existing trust.

As you can see, fans love to be rewarded and connected with a brand. Avon needed only 2 hours of their time from the setup to the end of this campaign, which resulted with great promotion of their new product. Set up your application fast, promote your new product and reward your fans to build a better relationship like Avon did with our Facebook applications.

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