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How to increase the number of your fans even without a Fan-gate?

Dexy Co is a leader in the import and distribution of toys and it has a wide network of popular retail stores for children. They are representing the most current global companies for children like MGA, Hasbro, LEGO, Disney, Tomy, Burago etc.

Dexy Co had a few goals in their campaign. The first one was to provide fans with an activity they will be happy to participate in. An activity that will entertain them and where they will have a chance to win a prize. Next goal was to increase the number of fans on their Facebook page. The third and perhaps the most important goal was to enlarge the email and mobile phone numbers base in order to use them for future activities, such as newsletters and text messaging.

They had a similar campaign a few years ago, and their fans loved it. The application they used in that campaign was a more expensive custom application, but after they heard about our generic applications, they realized that they could achieve even better results at a more affordable price and with lower budgets. From time to time fans asked them when will they organize a fun game again, so that they could compete with each other. And then, at Christmas time, they started their “Juri žuri Dexy mraz” campaign where they used our Runner Game application that was interesting to both children and parents.

Runner game achieved Dexy Co’s goals. Before, they haven’t realize the benefits of information that participants leave when registering, so they didn’t make a base of emails and other useful information that they could use in sales. Runner Game showed up to be a perfect patch for that omission. It enabled the collection of more than 3500 user informations that will be used in the future. In three weeks, while the app was running, they gained more than 3700 new Facebook fans, even without a Fan gate (which was banned by Facebook in November 2014).


When the game was active, Dexy Co made 5 announcements for the game on their Facebook page. The announcements were boosted with 80€ and had a reach of more than 260 000 people on Facebook. They didn’t promote the campaign anywhere else except on Facebook.


Dexy Co awarded the best players with 7.000 RSD, 5.000 RSD and 3.000 RSD vouchers that they could spend in their stores and 7 Dexy Co Kids New Year’s gift packages. Additional awards were given to players who played the 50 000th game, 100 000th game and to the player who played the most games, which was an amazing 2444 times.

Custom applications are great, but they are not always the best solution for your Facebook promotion. Generic applications like ours can be even better for a smaller budget if you carefully select the advertising channels and what your fans like. Make your own personalized application like Dexy Co did and increase your Facebook page engagement.

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