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How to greatly increase your e-mail list with Quiz app


Banja Vrućica is a health tourist center located near a little town called Teslić that encapsulates four different hotels. Surrounded by mild hills and peaks of mount Borja, with its dense, calming forests and wide plains of the river Usora, Banja Vrućica creates an unforgettable experience and helps its visitors to really let go of the fast-paced life and enjoy themselves in a harmonious and serene environment.

Banja Vrućica wanted to reward their fans and increase their reach with the quiz application. The idea was to create a set of questions about Banja Vrućica and its history and to reward a fan that solves that quiz the fastest with the highest number of correct answers, so they chose Socialpuzzle.

Their campaign lasted for a month, to promote the quiz they’ve used Facebook ads and Facebook and Twitter statuses. The results were really impressive, in the duration of their campaign they’ve managed to attract 2380 users who finished the quiz 4462 times, meaning that every user finished the quiz around 2 times.
By enabling collection of participants info via contact form, Banja Vrućica managed to collect astonishing 1842 new newsletter subscriptions and a huge e-mail base for their next campaigns, making this campaign a truly successful one.

Also, through that month by enabling the fan-gate, promoting Facebook posts and using Facebook ads Banja Vrućica page grew from 6998 to 18531 fans while their reach seriously increased, showing how a simple idea combined with Socialpuzzle apps can help your business grow by producing incredible results.


With a good approach and the right tools there’s little you can’t do and this case shows how to fully utilize a cost-efficient system, merge it with a clean concept and push it just enough to achieve something great. Remember, a little investment can go a long way if you use the right tools.

If you want to try out Socialpuzzle for free visit this link, if your need any help or have some questions feel free to contact us on and like always – happy campaigning!


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