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How to activate your Facebook fans in springtime?

Finally, we welcome spring! It’s an ideal time to entertain your fans so we’re giving you a couple of ideas to do just that. Thrill them with a contest and award their loyalty, your fans will be even happier.

First things first, Facebook has a new update. They are removing inactive accounts so you might notice less fans on your Facebook page, but you will have more up-to-date insights and better view of your active fans.

To sum everything up, this is the perfect time for you to activate the fans. But don’t stop there, activate your fans on the page with a spring-themed game, quiz or just award them in the spirit of spring.

Campaign ideas to increase the number of your fans, and their interaction:

  • Organize a Photo contest, let your fans show you how they spend their time in nature riding a bike, having a picnic or spending time in the woods. Challenge them to make the best happy selfie with their friends.
  • Giveaway app is perfect if you want your fans to be creative. Challenge them to write down a short poem or a story, and award thebest ones.
  • Quiz app can be educational for your fans. Ask them questions about trees, animals or questions about products and services for your outdoor sports brand.
  • If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to promote your page, you can use our Runner game application. Customize the game in the spirit of spring. Your fans will love it.

There are lots of upcoming dates that you can use for your campaigns. Some interesting international days:

  • 1.4 – April Fools’ Day
  • 2.4 – International Children’s Book Day
  • 5.4 – Easter
  • 7.4 – World Health Day
  • 22.4 – International Mother Earth Day
  • 23.4 – World Book and Copyright Day
  • 29.4 – International dance day

And now the surprise part that you were expecting. We want to help you to achieve great results and set up your campaign as soon as possible, so we are giving you 20% discount on Socialpuzzle applications. This discount will be available until Easter (5th of April 2015). Just contact us on our email for the discount code .

Challenge your fans in a fun way, use this time of the year to activate positive thoughts and connect your brand with your fans. Be creative, it’s springtime!

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