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How to: A guide to Facebook contest promotions

So, you’ve decided to go big on Facebook and made a contest app. With a facebook app published, your next task should be attracting your fans to try it out.

Though Facebook posting may seem like an easy task (hey, everybody’s doing it), it’s also an important factor in success of your campaign so it’s important to do it just right.

Creating a post for better conversionPost1. Posts related to giveaway are bound to attract attention of your fans, but it’s important to make it clear there is a giveaway. To ensure your fans notice the post, start it with a keyword that will attract interest. If there’s a Giveaway involved, we at Socialpuzzle make it clear by starting our posts with [GIVEAWAY], or [WIN A PRIZE], which we’ve verified as a certain way to grab attention.

2. Make a prize clear. Not only will you attract fans for a prize but also promote your product. Though at start prizes may seem like an additional cost, our experience shows that it not only pays off, but actually decreases campaigns cost per click.

3. Visuals are what attracts audience to start reading a text of your posts. Make them not only noticeable and mobile friendly, but they also need to represent your brand. And there’s no better way to do it but to include your brand logo on them. Furthermore, take notice of Facebooks advertising policies. A visual can comprise of a maximum of 20% text. If there’s an excessive amount of text in your visual, it’s in violation of Facebook policies and might be removed.

4. When speaking of text, be sure not to overdo it.Your info should be precise and concise. A wall of text will surely succeed only in averting your audience. Your ad is just an entry point to the contest; save some information for the contest itself. To ensure your text looks great on both, small and big screens, try limiting it to 90 characters.

5. Links to facebook apps are always too long and not only do they make fans reluctant to follow them, but if followed from a mobile device they may lead to a dead end. Here at Socialpuzzle we shorten links with bitly and ensure not only they look nice, but are completely functional. Take a look, which would you rather see and click: or It’s clear link via bitly looks safer and more clickable; not only to us, but more importantly, to the fans you’re attracting.

Promote your post

We live in the era of smartphones. Your campaign and visuals should too. Make them mobile friendly or lose your audience.

Barely 2%-6% of Fanpage posts are seen by fans due to content overflow on Facebook. Don’t let the ones promoting your contest be overshadowed by the rest. Be sure to aim them towards your target audience. Not only will you get better results that way, but also decrease your actual campaign cost. Just imagine leading a retirement home and promoting your campaign to teenagers. That would certainly be not only counter-productive but also a waste of resources.

There’s plenty of tricks to use when creating your custom audience list. For starters, target your custom audience not only by sex and age, but also include as many interests as possible. Don’t be hasty about it, it’s your money we’re talking about. When writing down interests, don’t forget that name of your brand is one of them, as is your competitions. If in retail business, don’t pay for your ads to be seen in cities where you don’t have a store. Location can matter, even when online.
At Socialpuzzle we prefer to use Facebook Ads Manager over standard post boosting as it gives us complete control over where our promotions will be seen. To ensure top quality results, from the beginning we suggest multiple ad sets. For instance, a set with mobile phone users as targeted audience and another with desktop users. By making these two sets we can easily see which is more successful, and increase it’s funding, while lowering costs for the less successful ones. But don’t limit yourself just to these basic differences. Depending on your target audience, you can make ads sets based on different locations, interests, behaviours, etc.

So, when you take these advice, what’s the final result?

A neat post with an eye-catching visual, seen by relevant audience who instantly recognise what they’re being offered. In other words, a real Facebook ad.

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