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Giveaway app

In our previous blog post we made sure to closely introduce you to one of our most popular apps – Giveaway. If you somehow missed it be sure to check it out here! This blog post will show you how to harness the full power of our Giveaway app and channel your creativity into creating awesome campaigns. Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve prepared for you, choose the one that fits your brand page the best, sit back and watch your fans interact!

Giveaway mechanism

As you may already know from our previous blog post, Giveaway is a simple yet powerful app that can help you increase your fan base and grow engagement on your Facebook page. How does it work? Ask your fans anything you want to know, make them think, write and create content for you – its that simple! Your users love to be rewarded, its like one of the highest ranked item on their „I love this“ list.



Creative people usually don’t have problems with coming up with ideas of their own, but every now and then we all experience that – “I’m not feeling that creative” day. If that’s the case, feel free to use any of our ideas, we even indulge it.

Inspire and reward creativity

You run a successful business and a as a great person you are you want to reward your fans with something special. You’ve set aside a great prize but don’t know who to give it to? Don’t worry we have a solution for you, set up our Giveaway app, choose the settings you want and enable the fan gate to roll in more likes your way. If you need more tips and tricks while setting up your app, check out our last blog post here. Ask your fans a question about your brand and encourage them to give you a creative answer. If you offer them a reward we promise your fans will get creative in a matter of seconds. Use the answers your fans provided to create awesome content for your site or page, create Facebook posts from them and show your fans that you appreciate their effort. Choose the answer that suits you best and reward it.

Example one – if you run a brand of some sorts of food, ask your fans to send you recipes where they’ve used your product in a fun and a creative way. Reward the best one with a package with your brands products.

Example two – if you run a successful travel business offer your fans a vacation of their dreams and ask them where and why would they like to go. Ask them to describe their perfect vacation spot, choose the one that you can offer and make someone’s dreams come true. They’ll love you like a rockstar!


Riddles, mazes and crosswords in posts are so 2013.

Set up a Giveaway with a picture of a maze or crossword puzzle. Use your product as background or some product related theme, use product placement in a fun way and prolong the time your fans are spending on your Page. Send a message to your fans through a crossword puzzle and combine a purpose with a game. Use “Guess the difference” on new products. That way you’re plastering the image of your product into the minds of your fans. Maybe it’s best to combine the old with the new features of a product to emphasize the improvement. This is fun for fans, great for your Page and it can be set up in matter of minutes! You can get back to us & we’ll customize similar concepts completely branded specifically for you.

Mad Libs

You know that silly word game called Mad Libs –  a phrasal template word game where one player prompts another for a list of words to substitute for blanks while creating an often comical or nonsensical story. Create a story around your brand and leave some blanks so your fans can fill them out. Create funny and unusual stories and have some laughs with your fans, control the content that goes out, and reward the funniest story. mad_libs

Customer care

You don’t necessarily need to use Giveaway to reward your fans, use it to shift the flow of negative comments away from your Facebook posts and your wall and set up a Giveaway Customer care. Ask your fans to leave you comments or questions inside the Giveaway app and provide you with their e-mail. Answer their questions and comments privately on their mail, show your fans that you care about them and solve their problems, they’ll know how to appreciate this.

You can use Giveaway in any way you can think of, your options are basically limitless. Let your creativity roam free and keep in mind that a happy fan puts a smile on your brands face.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact us, also if you have some more ideas how to use this app feel free to let us know and don’t forget to try Giveaway for FREE.

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