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Evergreen holiday season FB page ideas


December is here, have you prepared your Facebook page Christmas stockings? It’ s still not too late, don’t panic, we’ll help you with some useful ideas!

This is a perfect time of the year to collect sales leads for next year, show your fans you care about them, make a fun campaign that will go viral, or just boost interaction on your page and make something different from your competitors. So, let’s get started! :)

Technology changed everything, so it surely affected social media too. The Christmas tradition is still here in our hearts, warming us with joy, love and peace, and we love to share our happiness with others. Now, the joy is shared digitally too, not only face to face. Users share their holiday experience all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That is an opportunity for businesses to grab a piece of that cake. You can reach users faster than ever before, communicate with them in real time, find out what they like in general or regarding to your products.


  • Your Facebook page is your window to the world. Stores decorate their show-windows with lights, Christmas trees, balls and elves. Decorate your page with lifestyle posts, that are connected to winter activities such as skiing and snowball fights, relaxing by the fireplace, family reunions or fun New Year trips with your friends. The primary goal is to give your page a human touch, so even if you have too many sales posts throughout the year, this is an opportunity to step away from that kind of communication.
  • Change your profile and cover photo! Not just on Facebook, but also Twitter and other social networks you are a part of. If you don’t have a designer, use some of the services for free or affordable stock photos, save them and with smaller changes, use them year after year. Or just add snowflakes to your regular cover photo. If you have a holiday sales, write that too on your cover photo.
  • Of course, your fans are expecting holiday cards, but you surely won’t impress them with generic cards or posts, because you will be just like anyone else. Instead, include them in creating your holiday card. How? Thank them for being a part of your community throughout this year, or if you had a photo contest make a collage with photos that were a part of that competition. Or let them write some wishes to your brand, choose the best ones and put them on your card! There are endless possibilities, it is important to think in the right way.
  • Ask your users about their holiday habits – what is their favorite way for decorating Christmas tree, are they buying presents early or in the last minute, what are their ideas for this year presents… How did they react when they found out that Santa does not exist? :) What are their favorite holiday dishes etc.
  • Include YouTube! For example, tell your fans some tips & tricks so they can maximize the holiday joy. If you work in tourism or own a club/restaurant, make a video how to make the best holiday dessert or mulled wine. If you are a part of IT industry, make a video about top gadgets in 2015. If you have more than one video, make a voting contest where people can vote on their favorite video and share them or incite your fans to make a video of their cooking attempts, winter joys and similar.  
  • Do not forget that different channels require different approach. For example, Twitter users might be more tech savvy, Facebook users like to comment and share their experience, and Instagram is great if you want to reach younger audience.   
    • Include interesting contest in your marketing mix. Incite your fans to come back to your page every day during, let’s say, 1 week before Christmas. I.e., their task is to visit your FB page every day 7 days before Christmas, and you will give them some fun facts that give them an opportunity to be a part of some contest where they can win prizes.
    • Photo contests are still the most popular ones, especially in this time of the year. Themes could be: My Christmas tree, The best decorated house in the neighborhood, Snow fight, New Year’s Eve party, My family photos…
    • Giveaways or textual contests: All I want for Christmas is____________, Favorite holiday recipe, My letter to Santa…
    • Make a Quiz about interesting facts about holidays, include questions like “When was Christmas  declared an official holiday in the United States?” (in 1870)  
    • Make something different, for example, a fun holiday game where users will be in branded environment the whole time when playing the game. Let them collect points, compete with each other and have fun on your page!

snowball game

Use this time of year to know your fans better, don’t miss the chance. How much do they spend on holiday gifts for their loved ones? That could be useful information for next year, when you could send them segmented newsletters with ideas for Christmas gifts, depending on their budget? Do not miss to know your fans better now, when the majority of house budget is being spent.


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