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Customer – your new marketing specialist

Customer - your new marketing specialist

In matters of relations to customers, there’s an old saying ”The customer is always right” originating from Selfridge’s department store founder Harry Gordon Selfridge. The logic behind a phrase is simple. Even when wrong, the customer shouldn’t feel wronged. A customer feeling wronged will undoubtedly spread their displeasure and possibly fend off their acquaintances – potential customers.

The saying was coined in 1909 when average customer could influence at most dozens of potential customers. Today, the risks are undoubtedly larger with social media, an American average of 350 Facebook friends per user and the possibility as well as danger of a post going viral. Yet, the phrase of customer always being right is starting to deteriorate in modern marketing as more and more user generated content actively promotes businesses. It doesn’t change the aspect of respect towards the customer and necessity of the user oriented service. What changed is limiting customers to plain product buyers, and promoting them to full time product advertisers, reviewers, and when possible developers.

The market is fast and relentless. Constant evolution through user input is necessary to develop product, but through constant upgrades, the marketing became even more fast-paced. The one thing that still isn’t affected is legitimate user experience and user generated content.

So what to do?

In matters of both, small businesses and international enterprises, what customers look for is expertise. User generated content in terms of testimonials and reviews is the certain way to spotlight your previous success, but creative campaigns like photo contests may also bring you a whole new variety of users and start your business anew.

Customers are those who can truly make your reputation. As a marketer or business owner it’s up to you to motivate them to do so.

Through various contests, even with small awards your fans will be motivated to put their creativity up to good use. Check out our case study about Julius Meinl. They actually went as far as basing their caffe on user generated content. What it proved to be is absolute success. What users saw was not only a contest. It was a possibility to voice their own creative ideas and also a display of genuine care for what they do.

Of course, there are also various other ways to include your users in promoting your business. Setting up an Instagram account takes virtually no time, yet allows one to easily collect users photos, and if done through a campaign with certain hashtag, also directly not only promotes your business, but gives you materials for future promotions.

Sharing acquired testimonials and reviews is old, but still reliable way to raise confidence of customers in products you sell. The trickier part is actually acquiring testimonials. That’s where it’s up to you to find a way to interview your customers and make it worth their time. Surveys by themselves will undoubtedly attract at least a small number of participants. But through contests, they will not only want to participate, but will rush to do so.

It’s not easy to stay ahead of competition today. But your users are those who just might give you a head start. If you already thought of a contest for your users to see how they think, it’s quick and easy to set it up. Just register here and give it a shot.
Having troubles with thinking of an idea how to engage your fans? Contact us at We’ll be sure to help.

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