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Konzum Easter Race case study: How to build a relationship with fans and reach great results with low budget campaigns

Konzum, Croatia’s largest supermarket chain, runs one of the biggest Facebook page in retail business area in Croatia with more than 200.000 fans. Although they have many fans, they understand that running a successful Facebook page means creating something special for their users and build relationship with fans.

Together we set the goal to increase the interaction with Facebook fans in a fun way through an entertaining and interactive Facebook application. They recognized our new Runner Game application as a perfect fit for their needs.

The campaign started just before Easter so the application’s complete visual was designed to match that period. We named the app “Konzum Easter Race!” and the design emphasized Easter symbols as well – Easter bunny was chosen as the game’s main character and while playing the game, players had to avoid Easter eggs. At the same time, we managed to accentuate brand’s visual identity through the use of their logo and colors.

Application was active for two weeks during the Easter period. Our goal was to get a maximum reach among both existing and potential users, so we set up and optimized the campaign on daily basis during the entire period in order to reach great results with a defined budget. The results were pretty amazing with 3% CTR and 0,02€ CPC.

By combining a good choice of application, branding, and careful selection of advertising channels and our target audience, the campaign managed to produce great results.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

More than 11.600 users visited the application and more than 5.000 users played the game. In only two weeks, more than 23.500 games were played and the average number of games played per user was 4,71. The users spent an average of 7 minutes in the game. In fact the game was so addictive and enjoyable that the time playing record was 1 hour and 51 minutes, pretty great right?!


Konzum decided to reward customer loyalty by sending packages of sweets to top 10 players. Symbolic value of gifts ensured that players really played the game for the entertainment itself, and not some high priced luxury gift. Fans were still delighted with the awards and that increased their connection to Konzum.

With the Runner Game app, it’s easier than ever to show your fans that you care about them by interacting with them, engage them in a way you never could before and offer them a game contest for just a fraction of the cost you would pay for a custom game, like Konzum did.

By customizing the game, fans spent all of their time in branded environment. Game was a big hit and everyone played it. The application managed to fulfill the goal that was set in the beginning – to increase the interaction with existing fans. There were more than 5000 users who used the application and about 61% of them fulfilled the contact form and 32% of them signed up for newsletter.

Runner Game proved to be an excellent relationship builder not just for Konzum, but also for any other company which decides to implement it onto their Facebook page.

Get ahead of your competition and engage your fans in the best way possible. Why not with a fun app such as Runner Game?

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