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Runner Game

We’re super excited to present you with the latest Socialpuzzle update, and this one is our favourite so far! We have a new addition to our little family – Runner! Runner is a fully customizable generic game for your Facebook page. If you’re getting tired


Socialpuzzle September update

Two new apps “Wake me up when September ends.” – is something that Green Day would say. But you and me, we know better, there’s no sleep for the busy bees. The thinking process never ends, you can never really be finished with a project


How to greatly increase your e-mail list with Quiz app

Banja Vrućica is a health tourist center located near a little town called Teslić that encapsulates four different hotels. Surrounded by mild hills and peaks of mount Borja, with its dense, calming forests and wide plains of the river Usora, Banja Vrućica creates an unforgettable


Photo Contest – Facebook application ideas

Hi there, set aside a couple minutes of your time and inspire yourself to create super contests by using Photo Contest with this bucket filled with ideas ( the bucket being this blog post ). The magic of Photo Contest Did you know that people


Giveaway app – ideas

In our previous blog post we made sure to closely introduce you to one of our most popular apps – Giveaway. If you somehow missed it be sure to check it out here! This blog post will show you how to harness the full power


Socialpuzzle blog – up and running

Well hello there, we see you found your way to our new blog – Welcome. We’ve started this as a platform for all of your Socialpuzzle and social media news. In this blog we’ll write about our apps, our product and share our know-how, we’ll