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Apps design specification – tips & tricks

What to do when you decide to create an app for your Facebook marketing campaign? You want to prepare the materials but aren’t sure about the dimensions and formats of your photos? We’re here to help you out!

If this is your first Facebook app, don’t be afraid and read our advices about how to make an awesome and successful campaign.  So, when you learn all about defining measurable goals, relevant topic, ads and analysis, read these tips & tricks so the setup of your campaign goes as quickly and effectively as possible.

Design Customization

Socialpuzzle has the possibility of customizing  backgrounds, images, patterns and colors. Every font, button and order of the components can be rearranged to look completely unique, without a need for designer. When creating a campaign user goes through three quick and simple steps:

  1. Selecting the type of app.
  2. Editing and adjusting – User can edit and customize the tab, depending on the target audience, and even take a fast preview before publishing the campaign to the fans. Campaigns are easily unpublished at any time.
  3. Publish – User selects a Fan page on which he/she wants the app to be published.

At any time, admins can edit or adjust pictures and text at their convenience and in accordance to their needs.

Dimensions and formats

We support .jpg and .png formats. What about dimensions? All apps have some common elements, like app icon and background. But some have specific elements need to be in certain dimensions.


Extra tips from Socialpuzzle team

  • If you have a designer make a soft gradient on your background photo, so the transitions between header image and background photo is as smooth as possible;
  • Reorder your components (for example: like component, newsletter, social share etc.), so your app looks completely unique;
  • Use similar colors and visuals for icon of your app, so you communicate a unique brand design identity;
  • Be careful about images that you use for background or header photo – if the image is colorful or full of different elements, your text that goes over the image will not be visible. So the better solution is to use photos that have less details in the center of the photo.


If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us at, and if you don’t have time we can even do a setup and design for you! Or look at our case studies for some extra ideas for your campaign :)  Register for free, try our tool, and start the next year with outstanding results!


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