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Achieving outstanding number of sales with minimal expenses

Mepas Mall Coupon case

Mepas Mall is a shopping centre located in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina and despite of its location, which incorporates a smaller market, they were able to produce incredible results and make a world class case!

The clients idea was – DramaDay, an activity where all the attendances were offered an opportunity to receive a discount and, logically, they’ve chosen our Coupon app. The setup of this app is a very easy and intuitive one, after all the coupons were added a simple Facebook campaign was set up to promote DramaDay. Special attention was given to the campaign through Facebook posts that have intrigued Mepas Mall fans, Facebook ads were targeted to women that love shopping and are located near Mostar as they were the desired audience.


The DramaDay campaign lasted for just 3 days and in that time Mepas attracted more than 15.000 people on their Coupon tab. They’ve promoted the campaign using sponsored stories.

Every fourth visitor printed a coupon bringing the number of printed coupons to 4010.

Now lets do some math – Mepas Mall paid our Coupon app 69 €, if we divide that number with the number of printed coupons ( 4010 ) we get to a number of around 0,0175 €. That means they’ve paid 0,0175 € per their user action ( CPA )! After a little research we found out that every 8th coupon was used, meaning that solely with this campaign and Coupon app Mepas Mall made more than 500 sales. If we add that to the equation we can say that Mepas Mall paid just 0,14 € for one sale!

As for the ROI, lets say every customer spent as little as 10 € the campaign earned 9,86 € profit, that means on 500 sales they made 4930 €. Keep in mind we’ve approximated a sale to as low as 10 € as we don’t have info on average sales in malls in this region, if that number was doubled the profit would double as well as would ROI.

Mepas Mall used a simple idea – discounts on variety of products and by doing that managed to greatly increase their sales! And in just three days! Image what you could do in with a little effort, investment and help from Socialpuzzle!
Give us a try or simply contact us, we’re here to help in any way we can!

Coupons used

About Mepas Mall

Spreading through 100.000 m² with rich shopping complex, a large variety of fun content and business offices, Mepas mall pioneers the trade industry offering an attractive location, modern infrastructure for commerce, and the highest standards for office rent and business. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Mepas Mall since its beginnings and we helped its page expand and grow to 90,000+ fans it has today. Because of that long lasting and trusting relationship we’ve managed to create awesome and creative campaigns that have produced immense results!

It was a tough decision, to choose just one case out of many fruitful ones, but after a lot of thinking we’ve decided to showcase the campaign we liked the most and where our Coupon app was used.

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