Story behind Socialpuzzle

We’re passionate about developing a product people love to use. That's why we work hard to make our Facebook apps innovative, visually appealing and result-driven.

This is who we are

Our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to the sucess of the people we work with,
that’s what makes us different. We make it personal.

  • Connect with Daniel
    Daniel Ackerman CEO
  • Connect with Ivor
    Ivor Bihar Product Manager
  • Connect with Hrvoje
    Hrvoje Grubišić Lead Designer
  • Connect with Mario
    Mario Šestak UX Designer
  • Connect with Zoran
    Zoran Završki Frontend Developer
  • Connect with Matea
    Matea Janton Sales Manager
  • Connect with Mario
    Mario Šimić Digital Designer
  • Connect with Antun
    Antun Tomašević Software Developer